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Secrets of Creating a Digital Marketing System For a Financial Management Firm

Secrets of Creating a Digital Marketing System for an Accountancy firmAn accountancy firm can create a strong web presence by designing and developing a business website on the internet. However, this step alone is not a digital marketing plan. Just putting up a website on the internet is similar to establishing a physical business like a shop or an office, and then just sitting back and waiting for the customers to flow in. More than likely, it will not happen and your website will resemble a billboard in the desert.Accountants must understand that they need to spread the word about their firm, talk to people, inform, engage with potential clients and communicate their services using the internet. The focus of web searchers looking for accountants has changed, and instead of turning to the yellow pages, people prefer to search the net in order to find an accountancy firm. To search for an accountancy firm in Tunbridge Wells
Visitor 1 may type “Tunbridge Wells accountant”
Visitor 2 might search for “Accountancy firms Tunbridge Wells”.
Different people search in different ways and it is important to make sure that your website captures this valuable traffic.What should accountancy firms, large and small, do to be found on the web?Accountancy firms need to invest in a digital marketing strategy that will specialise in accountancy firm search engine optimisation, marketing, and website design. A professional digital media marketing consultant will have the relevant business expertise and will know how to handle this. Other important factors are:
Digital media marketing starts with your firm’s website design. The website must be structured with elements of search engine optimisation, where the meta tags are properly written and executed. The website is designed with SEO in mind. The starting point is keyword research and when this is done properly the right keywords are embedded in the content. Images and graphics are optimised to make the firm’s website search engine friendly.

While the above will greatly help in organic search engine rankings, the digital marketing strategy may need some quick traffic through a Pay Per Click campaign. Organic search engine optimisation will take a few months to get going until the web site attains authority in the search engine rankings. During this time, the sponsored listing or paid advertisements will help to project the firm and traffic will start to flow to the website.

In parallel, the digital marketing strategy will also lead you through other digital media marketing mediums such as announcing your website presence through press releases and news. Syndication will help that news to reach as many readers as possible.

While this will draw enough website traffic to start getting web visitors and leads, the digital media marketing strategy will also start building a social network campaign through Video, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to draw the firm close to social communities on the internet.

The strategy will deploy legal blogging, article writing and submissions. Through blogs and articles, it is possible to create an air of trust by writing about the firm, and educate readers about accountancy. This will project the firm as an authority on the subject and people will tend to trust the firm with their business.

We have heard the phrase “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” and this is still very applicable today and even more so in a period of recession. In this context, the digital marketing plan will use web analytics to collect data from the website to determine which aspects of the site are working towards the defined business objectives for the website.
Web analytics is a continuous improvement process and a key part of an effective digital marketing plan. It is not enough just to produce reports each month, you need to analyse these reports so you can ensure that the website is always responding to the needs of its visitors. Once you have gathered your data, analysed the results, proposed changes and implemented these changes you repeat the process all over again.Accountancy firms and who think that digital marketing is a thing they can do without are severely cutting themselves short. Consider these facts from January 2010:
Over 1.5 million searches being conducted in the UK for the term “accountant”
Over 1.2 million searches for the term “accounting”
33,000 searches conducted for the words “accountancy firms in…”
The question is: Can accountancy firms and accountants keep themselves away from a focussed digital marketing strategy?

Online Business Opportunity – Best Way of Making Money Online

Are you looking for reliable online business opportunity which could help you to generate handsome lifelong income source? Then this article reading is worth for you as it will introduce you to incredible ways of choosing the best kind of business opportunity.The online business opportunities are available in abundance for all those people who have the desire to make money and succeed by working from home. Well, the initial thing you have to take into consideration is choosing the best type of online business opportunity, the opportunity which you will love to do or has passion to work. Be it anything until and unless you don’t have interest in what you do you may feel the hitch or drawback. So, be sure to opt the best online business opportunity with thorough research.There are numerous online business opportunities or programs available on the internet which may prove as real guide for you in establishing your desired online business within your flexible working hours. Listed below are some of the most popular online opportunities that which you may take into account for your online business.1. Opt for Google’s AdSense program: Google’s AdSense is an advertising program which helps the small online business owners to earn money through their website. For this what you have to do is submit an application to Google to provide code fir the relevant ads which will appear on your website. It is low maintenance, zero customer transactions, passive income program meant for small online business groups who can increase the worth of their site by applying few techniques with AdSense.2. Become an Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate marketing is the most prevalent form of this business which is based on the concept of revenue sharing paying commission for referred business. You have to become an online ‘retailer’ for the product or service for the customer and the actual affiliate site will look after the delivery and payment process and you will be paid commission as per the sale of the product through your site.3. Blogging and Social Networking Sites: Through Blogging and Social Networking Sites you enhance back links to your website which will help you rank higher in the search engine results. For this you need to post one write up on your blog daily with hyperlink keyword which points back to your website.4. Start up Home Based Online Business: This yet another opportunity which helps you to build your home based business using online strategies. In case you have a product which has which has worthy selling properties then you can promote by building the website for the same mentioning all the required details for products as well as the payment process.5. By selling e-books: This is another form of this online opportunity. Although, you are not so good in writing but has the rendering topic which you feel really worthy to be discussed among the masses then you turn this knowledge or skill into selling by way of making e-book online for the same.Apart from these there are few more online business opportunities which may help you to build a profitable online business like creating and selling software/scripts (with or without programming skills), online currency trading such as Forex trading, selling advertising space on your website, domain flipping, website flipping, content provider business (writing), selling SEO services (link building, search engine optimization), selling (or reselling) web hosting, make money through auction sites like eBay, make money by taking data entry jobs, make money by doing paid online surveys and make money through network marketing.Thus, there is no end to these business opportunities any worthy idea can be turned into a profitable business if you are really good in applying notable marketing strategies to it. So, you may become the best businessman if you have the determination to succeed and passion of building your own online business.

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